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1ère tablette SmartPhone avec Télé analogique au Maroc


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Cher Mtheocharidis7 Plmm,

Toujours de nouveautés Hi-Tech chez votre fournisseur des produits à la pointe de la technologie e-Grommerce, nous espérons vous satisfaire avec cette sélection destinée aux particuliers comme aux professionnels, Bonne journée!

Les nouveautés Hi-Tech: Voir plus
Souris Bluetooth  mince

Cable Sync Tablette Galaxy USB

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coque ipad 360°

Manette PS sans-fil DUALSHOCK® 3

288 DH TTC
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Combine bluetooth iPhone

Caméra cachée oreillette BT

649 DH TTC
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Kit Bluetooth & Vidéo pour Auto

Câble Adaptateur MHL vers HDTV

198 DH TTC
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Les meilleures ventes: Voir plus
Mini routeur wi-fi 3G

Adaptateur Wi-Fi Wifly-City 56G

270 DH TTC
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Transmetteur FM pour iPhone

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Clavier USB flexible

Lecteur & numérique en bois

129 DH TTC
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Lunettes vidéo iPhone

Aide auditive intra-auriculaire

290 DH TTC
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Tablette android 10 pouces M15

Tablette Ployer MOMO15

2460 DH TTC
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Tablette Ramos W17PRO

Tablette Android Ramos W17Pro

2190 DH TTC
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Tablette Sanei N83 Deluxe

Tablette  Android Sanei N83 Deluxe

2285 DH TTC
Voir les détails
tablette android 4 ramos w17 pro

Tablette Android Sanei N77 Deluxe

1445 DH TTC
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Camera dentaire

Tout en un Hub-USB

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Caméra DVR surveillance sans fils

Paire porte-clé pour couple

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Metre numérique ultrason

Téléobjectif Zoom iPhone

449 DH TTC
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Système GSM-ALARM sans fils

Scanner sans fil portable HandyScan

1386 DH TTC
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Δευτέρα, Ιανουαρίου 28, 2013

VITAL Purificateur d'eau 2,5 L à 199 Dhs

·  La capacité est de 2,5L.

·  Le filtre  à base charbon actif permet d'éliminer les impuretés (Chlore, Cuivre, Calcaire ainsi que d’autres impuretés…)

·  Durée de vie du filtre : 300L  indiquée sur un afficheur électronique incorporé sur la carafe

·   Pratique pour la maison et le bureau

·  Très économique: Le litre d'eau revient à 10 centimes ( 40 Dhs le filtre / 300 L)

Purificateurs d'eau VITAL: 199 Dhs au lieu de 300 Dhs (Filtre inclus)                                           
Filtres de rechange:   40 Dhs  changeable tous les 300L 

Livraison à 20 Dhs

Commandez en appelant le :
TEL: (0522) 216.218/
(0522) 52.80.81/ (0661) 32.81.24

Site officiel: www.maisonporcelaine.ma

Visitez et achetez directement sur notre site web officiel: www.maisonporcelaine.ma

Παρασκευή, Ιανουαρίου 25, 2013

Alert: USGT at Great Price Levels

USGT Holding Support

Fellow Investors,

Shares of USA Graphite (USGT) are holding support around the $0.71 level.  There is plenty of buying interest and we fully expect another rally to test the $1 level! 

 Investors remain focused on the company's prospects of becoming the dominant supplier of North American natural flake graphite to American industry. USGT is all about developing American graphite for American companies. 

Management continues to move forward with its aggressive expansion plans. USGT already has the rights to two large graphite properties in Nevada and has signed a letter of intent to acquire a third. Once the third graphite property is acquired, USGT will have nearly 3,000 acres of promising deposits that could potentially contain millions of tons of high quality flake graphite.

USA Graphite's main graphite property, Blue Wing Mountains in northwestern Nevada, has very promising geology and could be one of the largest graphite mines in North America. USGT's other property, Gordon Creek, and the Ruby Mountain property, on which the company has signed a letter of intent, are in close proximity to each other in northeastern Nevada. All three properties are close enough to each other to allow for the efficient use of geologists, mining engineers and drilling equipment to keep down costs.

USGT management has also indicated that it is considering a graphite property on Canada's Pacific Coast, near the largest graphite mine currently in operation in North America.

New Graphite Developments

AZ nano, a website devoted to reporting developments in nanotechnology, today stated that scientists had succeeded in drilling holes of 1 to 50 nanometers in diameter into graphite. Porous graphite is used in rechargeable batteries. If graphite with such tiny holes can be mass produced, it would greatly reduce the charging times for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

This "nano-porous" graphite also has medical uses, such as working as a carrier for extended release drugs. Since graphite is a form of carbon, it has no ill effects on the body.

US Geological Survey Positive on Graphite Outlook

The US Geological Survey is positive on the outlook for graphite, predicting higher demand and higher prices in a report released earlier this month. Demand for rechargeable batteries and high-tech, graphene based electronics is likely to grow dramatically over the next several years leading to higher demand for the type of natural flake graphite found at USGT's properties.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get USGT while it is still at these low prices. There is still plenty of buying interest out there. Get on board USGT today.

Happy Trading!

Disclaimer:  http://upurs.us/image/45500.jpeg


USGT Rebounding Nicely - Jump In

 USGT Rebound Continues

Fellow Investors,

USA Graphite (USGT) shares continued to rebound this morning as investors provide strong buying support.

So far, trading this week has fit into the typical pattern that has developed over the past couple of months. USGT shares generally fall to profit-taking early in the week and then rally to new highs later in the week. This has certainly been true this week with the shares down on profit-taking on Tuesday and rallying yesterday and today.

A close at $0.79 or above would be a very positive sign for investors since that would put USGT back above the 7-day and 20-day simple moving averages, which could set up a sharp move to the up side on Friday.

In the meantime, USGT shares are trading at bargain prices right now so don't delay. Get on board with USGT. With strong buying into today's relatively thin market, a quick rally could leave you in the dust, watching the shares move toward $1.00 and beyond.

Happy Trading!

Disclaimer:  http://upurs.us/image/45495.jpeg




Momentum Alert: USGT Heading Higher

 USGT Rebounds from Yesterday's Correction

Fellow Investors,

     USA Graphite (USGT) reverted to its old trading pattern on Wednesday. Following the sharp correction on Tuesday, the share price found good buying support around the $0.71-$0.72 area and has started to move higher.

This pattern is typical of the trading we saw back in December when USGT would be sold off on Monday and Tuesday, find support on Wednesday and then rally sharply on Thursday and Friday. Given that Monday was a holiday and there was no trading, all of the selling came in on Tuesday.

If this pattern holds, investors would do well to pick up USGT shares today or at the open on Thursday. USGT tends to see considerable buying going into the end of the week and it could be sharply higher on Friday.

The continuation of today's rally on Thursday and Friday could take the share price back over $0.90 on its way to $1.00 or more as positive news on graphite demand and new applications for graphene are being reported an a daily basis.

Don't delay! Tuesday's correction was a typical trading pattern which could mean a nice profit for investors as soon as Friday. Take advantage of this opportunity to get USGT while it its on its way to $2!

Management Aggressively Acquiring Graphite Properties


management has been aggressively acquiring an impressive portfolio of graphite properties. The main exploration site, Blue Wing Mountains, was acquired in December last year followed by the Gordon Creek Property a few weeks later.

The company has signed a letter of intent to acquire a third property, Ruby Mountain, which would give it nearly 3,000 acres of exploration property in Nevada.

This is important because, according to a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the United States imports all of its natural graphite. The majority of America's imports come from China.

If you have been paying attention to the situation regarding rare earths, you will know that China is the world's leading supplier of these vital metals, controlling more than 90% of the world market. China has cut back on its exports of rare earths and has used access to its rare earth resources as a tool to advance its political agenda.

We can expect the same treatment with graphite, especially as its derivative, the Nobel Prize-winning material, graphene, is expected to become the building block of 21st century technology.

Graphite demand is more than a play on economic recovery. Graphite is a growing business in a strategic mineral for which the United States is now beholden to China.

USGT means American graphite for the future of American technology and industry. Don't miss out on your opportunity to get in on this growing business at a low price.

Happy Trading!

Disclaimer:  http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1880/wEeH0yUJ.jpeg